Hello there again to the public and anyone else that may follow Environment for the Americas (EFTA). It’s your EFTA intern, Ricky Martinez serving the people and the environment here in the San Luis Valley, or Alamosa Colorado to be specific. I am privileged to get to work at one of the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM’s) wildlife havens the Blanca Wetlands. Working for the BLM has presented me so many opportunities to learn more than I could have imagined, to network with so many professional and awesome people and lastly to get so many certifications to throw on my resume.

Today I want to talk about why it is important to take as many opportunities as you can and to always go the extra mile. Not only do I want to talk about the importance of these duties, but how they have been effective for me and I want to talk about exactly what certifications I have received so far while working with the BLM and how that is going to help me down the road in my life and career.

As an intern with the BLM I am technically with the wetlands and wildlife team which means I focus a lot on the Blanca Wetlands and the mammals, birds, and fish within it. However I have broadened my spectrum within the BLM and I do hydrology work with our hydrologist Negussie Tedela and when any opportunities come up I take them. Removing invasive plants, installing rain gauges, and many other task that don’t involve the wetlands and wildlife division I jump on. Interning with the BLM and understanding the agency as a whole is important to me. The BLM’s ornithologist does Snowy Plover nest counts and White-faced Ibis flyover counts and asks me if I want to join her its an automatic yes. When my supervisors see me doing a little bit of everything and networking with the entire agency that is a huge plus.

The BLM gives you the opportunity to get a lot of certifications and trainings under your belt which is why I do as many as I can. If you do a lot of trainings and get certified if you ever try to apply to the BLM or any other Federal Agency and they see that they don’t have to give you all the trainings because they are already completed thats a gold star to them.

My Trainings and Certifications are listed below and will definitely grow by the end of my internship.

NSC Defensive Driving Course

CPR & First Aid Training

Trailer Towing Training

2018 Prevention of Sexual Harassment

NEPA Analysis Process for BLM

Cyber Awareness FISSA Training

By completing all of these training and getting certified is going to make working for the BLM down the road a lot easier for me. Not just in the BLM but in life take as many opportunities as you can and go the extra mile with them. I love working for the BLM because everyday I am learning more and more and I love to share what I’ve learned and experience with all of you that it may guide you in the right direction. Stay tuned for next time thanks everyone.

Me doing dust collection for the selenium project.

Me doing water sampling at the Blanca Wetlands.

Me doing shorebird surveys at the Blanca Wetlands for EFTA.


Ricky Martinez

Im Ricky Martinez Metropolitan State University of Denver Alumni (BS Biology). Also I am a SCA Massachusetts AmeriCorps Alumni (2016-2017). I currently am interning with the San Luis Valley Bureau of Land Management. I consider myself an ornithologist and I love birds.

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