Hello everyone! Now that I’ve wrapped up my shorebird surveys, I can devote my time to other Audubon duties. For now, priority number one is snowy plover monitoring. We recently had a nest located at Dockwieler Beach, Los Angeles. This nest has hatched and now it’s time to make sure we are doing everything possible for the chicks’ survival. Unfortunately, upon my first day of starting we were unable to find all the chicks that hatched from the nest. Three chicks hatched, but we could only find two. Despite losing one chick, we are still hopeful that the remaining chicks will make it. It’s surprising that a snowy plover chose this site to nest in because aside from heavy foot traffic, it is located close to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The planes take off from LAX and fly just a few feet over the snowy plover enclosure. While it’s quite noisy, I very much enjoy caring for them. It’s cute seeing them run around chasing each other, and seeing their father try and keep up with them. It’s also great sitting and enjoying the beach view. It has gotten very hot here in Los Angeles, so the beach is the perfect place to be! Aside from this Lupita and I have been busy planning our world migratory bird day event. We are still trying to figure out an exact date and coordinate with the library we will be having the event at, but stand by for updates!

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