Hello there again to the public and anyone else that may follow Environment for the Americas (EFTA). It’s your EFTA intern Ricky Martinez serving the people and the environment here in the San Luis Valley, or Alamosa Colorado to be specific. I am working on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Lands the gorgeous Blanca Wetlands to be specific. This week was a huge week for my team and I, we had a lot to get accomplished as the Blanca Wetlands is opening to the public for recreational uses July 15, 2018.

The Blanca Wetlands has many uses such as wildlife viewing, ATVing, horseback riding, cross-country skiing and fishing etc. All service road access gates needed to be closed and there are a lot of service access roads. All the trash in all parking lots needed to be managed and cleaned. The bathrooms all needed to be cleaned we had to install new signs where the old ones had been damaged. Lastly we had to put new information in our kiosks and insert new plexiglass on them. Were all of these tasks completed? With the work of our BLM team yes the wetlands are ready to be opened to the public. I can’t lie, I’m so used to being in there all alone. It’s so peaceful so it’s going to be a lot different with people in there, but this land is our land.

Another awesome part of this week was being at MacSimpson which is a gorgeous piece of land owned by BLM and it is full of birds and other wildlife. I participated in a Yellow-billed Cuckoo survey. The Yellow-billed Cuckoo is a migratory bird that comes to the Alamosa area late in the migration season. We completed 4 areas of surveying but we didn’t find any cuckoos. We still have several cuckoo surveys left this season so maybe better luck next time. However I did get some gorgeous photos still to share of MacSimpson.

All in all this has been a crazy but fun as always week. Stay tuned for how the wetlands are being run and managed. And it is open to the public July 15, 2018 which means it’s open to you come and explore the gorgeous Blanca Wetlands. Thanks guys see you next time.

We put information in our kiosks at the Blanca Wetlands and put plexiglass on them they came out very nice.

Blanca Wetlands open to the public July 15, 2018.

Blanca Wetlands Was Closed to the public for nesting waterbirds we had a great nesting season we will continue to protect the young species.

Gorgeous MacSimpson where we did our Yellow-billed Cuckoo surveying.

Gorgeous MacSimpson where we did our Yellow-billed Cuckoo surveying.

Ricky Martinez

Im Ricky Martinez Metropolitan State University of Denver Alumni (BS Biology). Also I am a SCA Massachusetts AmeriCorps Alumni (2016-2017). I currently am interning with the San Luis Valley Bureau of Land Management. I consider myself an ornithologist and I love birds.

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