It’s been so hot in DC lately, but that isn’t stopping us from bird watching!


Summer camps are now in sessions since schools let out and the kids of Anacostia are ready to learn. In the morning, I teach the kids what a bird is and the characteristics that make them different than mammals or reptiles. This has gotten much easier as I now have an education team working with me! Previously I was a chicken running around with his head cutoff.


We’re reaching more students in the community surrounding ECC. Being out in the community is completely different than our programs at our River Center. At the river center, we have everything we need. When we’re out in the community, we learn more about the common birds that are great city dwellers. Mostly rock doves, sparrows and starlings take up our birding list, but for most kids this is their first experience birding. It’s this new experience that helps change the perspective of the children when they learn that these birds could disappear if we don’t take care of our environment. Our falconer, Daryl, also brings out birds of prey that really excite the kids.


My featured photo this week is of a bird pledge tree Isabel and I collected during WMBD back in May. We’re still collecting the bird cutous from kids who pledged to help bird conseration!


Very short post this week, but happy Fourth July, everyone! (Did you picture a Bald Eagle?!)

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