If you were wondering how my Migratory Bird Open House went, it went great! I’ve been flustered for the past month trying to make sure this outreach event was my best yet. Inviting the Councilmember from Ward 8 was a challenge, but became an invitation he accepted. Our show had a small talk by Councilmember Trayon White, an osprey discussion with esteemed scientist Rob Bierregaard and his illustrator Kate Garchinsky. We had local youth from Anacostia attend the event as well as some folks from around the district! About 70 people showed up for our rainy day Open House.


I was so worried that this event was not going to be as successful as it was. Attendees received a free book from the author and were able to talk to him on the deck as they observed the Osprey through the brief periods without rain. It was an overall relaxed environment for everyone to learn about birds! Though I was hosting the event, I really wanted to watch the lecture and the art demonstration. Around 2pm when all the guest departed, I finally got my chance to speak with Rob. During his discussion, he presented a transmitter from the osprey he had been tracking. The particular transmitter that he brought had seen over 72,000 miles of migration on the back of an osprey. Seventy two THOUSAND miles! This was astounding to me when I keep in mind the community science we do here at the Earth Conservation Corps.


More classes to teach this week and sorry if my post are seeming a bit repetitive at the moment. Since July started, I’ve been giving my migratory bird programs to lots of different groups. Camps every other day at least, but I always end the program feeling happy. I love birds!


For more info, visit http://www.ospreytrax.com


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