I hope all of you enjoyed your weekend as much as I did. For the past month three of my nieces have been visiting from out of town, and I have been having a blast putting into practice what I have learned so far from this internship. We have been out exploring the outdoors, and l have been teaching them about birds and other wildlife around my area. During the weekend I took four of my nieces out to the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History where they completed a scavenger hunt and got to see the awesome wildlife and geological collections. Their favorite display was the bird display where we spent most of our time. They all picked a bird from the display, observed the characteristics, and drew them.


My whole family has always been passionate about animals and it was nice to share my knowledge with my nieces. We have been having lots of fun over their summer break  so far, and I plan on taking them on more outings to do some local bird watching at Elkhorn Slough Ecological Reserve as well as the Pacific Grove coast to look at seabirds. One major thing that I have learned in this internship is the important for children to get involved in exploring the outdoors at an early age. Early exposure will make them aware of the wildlife present around them as well as to give them the knowledge on how our actions can impact wildlife.


Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History Bird Collection


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