Traveling is just about on everybody’s wish list or things-to-do. You truly never realize how big and diverse the world is until you start taking the journey out there. It certainly was a journey for me when I drove up to Newport all the way from San Diego. I got to drive through towns and cities that have always been there, and yet some I have never heard of. No matter where you go, it’s always an adventure with something wonderful waiting for you to discover. I’ve been in Newport for a couple months now, and just recently I began to think to myself… the journey doesn’t have to end here. There’s a multitude of treasures on the Oregon Coast waiting to be found, and having a set of four wheels certainly helps with the plundering (Yaarrrr!) (and by plundering I mean having an appreciation for the things that make Oregon a wonderful place)! This past week, me and my fellow roommates decided on driving eastbound towards Corvallis to hike up Mary’s Peak. We parked in an area that was secluded from the rest of the facilities and campgrounds to begin the hike from the base. Truthfully, one could easily take the drive all the way up to the peak… but we decided trekking it would be more fun! The hike itself took us a about an hour and half, following the path through green foliage and fauna while hearing the slightest creaks of the swaying trees. I’ve managed to find a couple American robins, some Stellar’s jay, and even my first Gray jay! The hike going up was shaded for the most part, but finally arriving to the top opens up a clear blue sky with the sun shining down! I was able to see Mt. Hood from up there! It has me wondering how awesome it would be to fly around like a bird to see the vast blue oceans and blankets of green beneath you. Sometimes, you just need to reach greater heights to get a better appreciation for the beauty of Oregon. On a summer day like this one you really cant miss out on a wonder like this. This is only one treasure of many, and I hope to find more in the last two months that I have!

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