Hello there again to the public and anyone else that may follow the Environment for the Americas (EFTA). It’s your EFTA intern Ricky Martinez serving the people and the environment here in the San Luis Valley, or Alamosa Colorado to be specific. I am working on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Lands the gorgeous Blanca Wetlands to be specific. This week has been a lot of planning which is pretty standard for starting a new month in the BLM. For this first week in July I have been sitting at my desk with my calendar and just coordinating with all my partners.

Every second Tuesday of every month we have our BLM staff meetings which then leads to various trainings that are being offered. Also we have our second part of the selenium project coming up which will include collecting 90 water samples, 60 soil samples, and 8 dust samples. I have one more big group outreach we are doing at the Blanca Wetlands which will be good for outreach numbers.

As I said before, it’s important to always get your office days in when its so busy and tempting to always want to be in the field. Also this will be my last full month working with the BLM before I venture off to start my Masters Degree in Denver, CO. I am trying to soak in how fast this internship went and trying to make this last full month full of excitement. That should not be hard because when working with the BLM, everyday is full of excitement.

I know this blog wasn’t the most exciting but the next few weeks will be full of fun and I will make sure to gather as many photos as I can. Please stay tuned for some exciting updates on whats happening out in the San Luis Valley.

Ricky Martinez

Im Ricky Martinez Metropolitan State University of Denver Alumni (BS Biology). Also I am a SCA Massachusetts AmeriCorps Alumni (2016-2017). I currently am interning with the San Luis Valley Bureau of Land Management. I consider myself an ornithologist and I love birds.

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