Good morning, everyone! Welcome back to another episode in the birdy life of Christian Cortez. To all fellow interns I want to give them another warm welcome. This last weekend I was given the honor of talking about my own site: Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area. I recall my biggest fear in regards to presenting something was not having enough material. This time, however, I think I had too much! Completing my own PowerPoint with slides of photos of my site, I wanted to talk about the main attractions of YHONA as well as the different things that I do in Lincoln County. I realized that I could go on for an hour or two just talking about my own experience! I’ll save this part for when I begin to wrap things up near the end of my internship.


Speaking of endings, some interns are already coming to a close with their internships as well. I believe a good amount of them have received excellent jobs or opportunities towards their future. Its a little sad that I got to bond with so many of them during my training in San Diego, and while everyone’s internship is coming down the finishing line many of the interns I feel like I just met yesterday. I know they’re on their way to do fantastic things, and my time will surely come too! I love spending my time with the Bureau of Land Management rangers and the Oregon State University students, and I don’t think I’m ready to say goodbye just yet. Furthermore, there are more opportunities for me here to learn and expand my knowledge on the world of birds and interpretation!


Remember John? He helped us out at YHONA with our World Migratory Bird Day event by giving out brief introductions on Birding 101 as well as leading a bird walk across the park. I’m happy to say that I’ll be helping him out this week by doing the same thing for the area of Eugene and Springfield! Of course, while I’m a bit nervous to begin leading bird walks on my own, I think this is an exciting chance not just for me to get more experience in guiding people towards the birds, but also to learn the birds of Oregon as well! I know this something that I want to do in the future, and a chance like this will guide me in the long run. Around this time I’m beginning to think about the next step. What will I do after the internship is over? With my binoculars in hand, I’m beginning to see the road ahead, thinking about how I can apply the experience I’ve gained form my time as an Environment for the Americas Intern!

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