Hi everyone and welcome back to another blog post!


The featured photo was captured by one of the motion cameras we set next to a Least Tern nest where you can see the fledgling getting fed.


Two Least Tern chicks in their nest!

A Least Tern chick getting its winged measured.

As I look back on my very first field season, I can say it was an absolute blast and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. It was awesome to see the season progress at different sites of the refuge. I went from searching for nests and not being able to find any, to finding a bunch and being careful not to step on any eggs, to the hatching of chicks and searching for them in the vegetation near their nests, to running after big chicks, to running after fledglings and seeing them fly for the first time. It was a nice parallel between my internship and the life stages of the chicks as we both grew into our positions and are now ready to leave the nest (I admit that was a little cheesy, but hey it got the message across).


We have now reached the point where we have collected abandoned eggs and any dead, banded chicks we find. We’ll keep monitoring until we have 3 visits without spotting any birds.


It is a bitter sweet ending, as I will miss chasing chicks on the beach, but this just means it’s time for my next adventure as my internship ends next week! I think I have said this a billion times on this blog, but time really does fly when you’re having fun!


One egg, one chick Snowy Plover nest!

One last WSPU for old times sake: The Snowy Plover party is still going strong! New nests are still being found, chicks are still hanging out in nests, and fledglings are zooming through the skies.

Well, that’s all I have for you this week!


– Janne



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