Learning how the Earth Conservation Corps really works was the most interesting part of my whole internship. We did so many different things over these ten months. It’s hard to pick one thing to talk about sometimes. EFTA made this all possible and I am immensely thankful for that. If I had not seen this listing I would have not had to chance to meet some cool people. The training in San Diego was so eye opening. All these young people starting their careers. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do, but I knew I had to get out in the field and try something new. All the programs that I’ve help teach have been so fun as I grow my own love for birds, but also inspire a new perspective for all the kids and adults that have come through the doors of the Monique Johnson Anacostia River Center.


I’ve meet people from Germany, Saudi Arabia, China, and other places outside of the US that were interested in finding out how we can conserve our migratory birds. Kids from different backgrounds found they were more similar than they thought after looking through the eyes of binoculars at a bird that will make a huge migration journey. It inspired them to find out more birds that migrate and how they’re able to do it.


This opportunity has made me thirst for more knowledge about birds. With August soon arriving, I think I will working more closely with Rodney Stotts, Master Falconers and pioneer corps member of ECC. There’s a lot he can teach me and he’s had a lot of experience working with birds. My featured photos is of me and Mr. Hoots. Can you tell how nervous I am? Maybe in a month I can move onto working with the hawks we have. Bye for now.



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