Hello all! The time has come, and this is the last blog I will be writing. I would like to start with a huge thanks to Environment for the Americas (EFTA), to my supervisor Bill Standley at the Bureau of Land Management California Coastal National Monument, and the Elkhorn Slough Reserve staff for making my internship possible. I had such a great time getting to learn more about many projects and organizations in my community. I enjoyed working on each project, being out in the field, and getting to meet many people from around the world. With a humble heart I greatly appreciate everything and everyone involved with this internship during these past 5  months.


I got started late in my career, but EFTA has given me a solid platform to start from. I know it will not be easy, but I will continue to move forward to reach my goal of becoming a biologist. My plan is to travel and work seasonally for a few years while I gain more skills in the biology field, then after, to find a permanent job in California; preferably Monterey County or Santa Cruz County. I am interested in continuing to work with birds if possible but will take other opportunities if they become available.


The world need more people caring for the earth and the animals, plants, and natural resources in it, and I am happy that I chose this career to make a difference and conserve the biodiversity for our future generations.


Thank you all! And I am looking forward to my next adventure.



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