Hello everyone, I thought I would drop in for one last final blog post!


After five wonderful months, my internship with Environment for the Americas has reached its conclusion. Although I am sad to see my time at the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge Complex with U.S. Fish and Wildlife come to an end, I am beyond grateful for my time and experiences there.


Thank you to Sue and Isabel for all the hard work you put into Celebra las Aves, this program has been very formative in my young biologist career.


A big thank you to all three of my supervisors – Larisa, Lisa, and Chantel – for all your support throughout my internship.


Thank you to Robert and Lea for showing me what being a great field biologist looks like.


And thank you to all the wonderful refuge staff who welcomed me with open arms and made my stay with FWS so enjoyable.


That’s all I have for this adventure!

– Janne

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