The Central Oregon Coast is a unique place. I could tell by my first day on the job, even though I was tired out of my mind from traveling. I arrived right in the middle of a week-long training, introducing me and my fellow Field Ranger Interns to the Siuslaw National Forest. Throughout the week, we learned about threatened species like the snowy plover, marbled murrelet, and Siuslaw hairy-necked tiger beetle, old growth forest, sand dunes, timber management, and the history of Siuslaw’s native peoples.


As a Field Ranger Intern, we have the opportunity to engage with the public of the Central Oregon Coast. This area is heavily touristed in the summer so, it’s a very important time for Field Rangers here. They interact with thousands of people (locals, out-of-towners, kids, adults, you name it) on important topics affecting the Siuslaw National Forest such as the threatened birds of the area that need our help, the Oregon Dunes, old growth forests, invasive species, and anthropogenic impacts on the environment.

So exciting! Jumping right into things that I’m passionate about, birds, conservation, and nature.

More photos to come on work-related topics. In the meantime, enjoy the photos sprinkled throughout this post, taken during my first week of leisurely exploration.

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