We’re off to another adventure! Where are Christine and I headed off this time around? Hmmm….We’re in PORTLAND! You read that right. We were assigned to table at the Oregon Zoo in Portland, Oregon. Through my last few months in the beautiful forested Pacific Northwest, I realized that I missed the city and its vibes. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love me a good dosage of nature, but my upbringing in Chicago has me missing the city landscape. It was great seeing buildings, eating tons of good food, and experiencing the lively,erratic hustle and bustle of a city. We explored the city before and after our event to ensure we get our fill of Portland. Exploration aside, Christine and I had a mission, and that was to table at the awesome Oregon Zoo!


An open lawn for people to relax and enjoy free music!

A black bear greeted us upon arrival!


You might be wondering, what’s Twilight Tuesday? Good question. Twilight Tuesdays occur every third Tuesday of each month from June through August. The admission prices drop significantly (down to a third of the original price). There is live music, lots of food, and other community partners (like us) participate with tables and give out goodies. Just as cool, the dusk timing provides a great opportunity to watch crepuscular (active in twilight) creatures become active. The discounted price provides a great opportunity to gain easier access into the zoo. For Christine and I, it allowed us to reach out to a lot of people, and boy did we get a lot of people. Hundred of people came to our table and listened to us as we talked about threatened species. In this case, it was the Western Snowy Plover and Oregon Silverspot Butterfly. Thankfully, the event was only three hours. Otherwise, we would have been completely drained of energy. It was fast paced with lots of people stopping by our table. Nonetheless, we had a blast. It was great to reach out to so many people and work in a zoo at dusk! Definitely a great treat. Once we finished and packed, we headed off to get food. We treated ourselves to some delicious ramen, and it was a great way to end the day!


Christine handling anyone and everyone who stops by our table!

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