Nice to meet everyone who has found their way here to my blog! My name is Yselia and I am an Environment for the America’s (EFTA) intern this summer stationed at Siuslaw National Forest. This means that I have the pleasure of spending the next few months working here with the Siuslaw Forest Service on migratory bird research, including bird conservation, and public outreach. Each year the EFTA program offers these internship programs as an opportunity to get involved in public engagement, education, and conservation and restoration. This program acts as a way to connect us, the people, to the environment around us. The birds are just one part of a larger picture of environmental conservation done by the forest service. But this is where I come in! As one of the ways to facilitate the connection to the public.

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A Brief Introduction

A little about me for those who may not know: I graduated last May from the University of California Berkeley with a Bachelor’s degree in geography and a concentration in earth system science. It was in my final year of school, that I decided I wanted to get involved in environmental education. One of my friends actually suggested the EFTA program as an opportunity to get more involved in the sciences. So while my background may not be in shorebirds, I think this will be an incredible opportunity to learn more about how we are connected to them and the environment. This will be a chance to learn something new while simultaneously getting to do something I am passionate about.

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This past week was a mini introduction to the other work I will be doing for the rest of the summer alongside my shorebird surveys. I was able to spend the first half of the week exploring Cape Perpetua and everything it has to offer. While I was there, I was able to meet some of the wonderful staff at the Visitor’s Center, most of whom I will be working with for the upcoming months. They took me down to the tide pools so I could familiarize myself with some of the species that live here along the coast. I also had a chance to take a walk along some of the incredible trails this area is known for. These are all places I will get to know very well when it’s my turn to lead field trips and visitor hikes during the summer season.

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From the scenic views to the numerous hiking trails, the Oregon coast is definitely a place to visit. I’m looking forward to spending my summer in an environment completely different from what I am used to, and learning all that I can from those who are so excited to teach. I hope you all share a part of this experience with me by keeping up with my weekly updates. Until next week, everyone!

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Elba Cortez · May 2, 2019 at 9:26 pm

I love the views!

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