In the North Marsh field with the Elkhorn Slough crew.

Get To Know Me

As a sprout, I floated through the city of Guadalajara, Mexico. During my seedling and vegetative stages, I grew my roots in southeast Los Angeles amongst people with similar backgrounds as myself. It was a village of immigrant and first-generation adventurers with an ambition for a better life. In the University of California Berkeley, my roots grew exponentially within its rich soil. They interacted and intertwined with unfamiliar roots. Interpreting and understanding these new neighboring roots gifted my mind with new perspectives. The diverse geographies within everyone’s history were mesmerizingly beautiful and devastating. In spite of these differences, our distinct hardships and successes curiously crossed paths in the same place and time. The growth and expansion of my own boundaries led to my budding stage. The community of friends, family, and mentors that tended to my roots witnessed me bloom into a young adult these past few years. Every blooming season is better than the last and is often initiated by the fertilizer of opportunity. This Spring, flowers are on the horizon as my journey as an Avian intern commences.

Avian Internship

Embarking on a summer of bird conservation is what I thought an Avian Conservation Internship through Environment for the Americas (EFTA) encompassed. After one full week of training with this year’s cohort alongside the help of many subject experts, I quickly learned being an EFTA intern creates an environment full of the necessary building blocks and resources to build community. A community of conservationists, scholars, scientists, and Latinx are only a few of the extended network of people I already began connecting with and will continue to do so through this opportunity. In a time of so much economic inequality and increasing effects of climate change, opportunities like this EFTA internship are what will make the greatest exponential change. Engaging normally disenfranchised communities and granting them the knowledge and leadership positions is the way to mobilize the masses for the changes we need to see.

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