Cabrillo National Monument

About me

I’m a recent graduate of Humboldt State University, graduated in 2018, exactly one year ago. I majored in Recreation Administration spending most of my days learning in the forest. For my last semester, I was already living in Los Angeles completing an internship for school. I did my internship with Los Angeles Audubon Society and right after the internship was over I was hired as full-time staff; a dream for a recent graduate. Working with this nonprofit organization, I have explored all of my interest from birds, conservation, restoration, and education.

Training Experience

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to work with Environment of the Americas (EFTA).  I completed a shorebird training in San Diego that was only offered to people of Latin(x) background. This was an opportunity for interns to gain shorebird knowledge as well as learn about the relationship our carbon footprint has to them. The week arriving was very eye opening for me. I met some very inspirational and passionate people. It helped me gain a new perspective of my career and reassurance that I’m on the right path. Most of our training was on shorebird identification and survey methods. Though that was the main focus, that wasn’t all that I learned. I also learned about others, their journeys, their interest, and their dreams. EFTA provided the knowledge but also the resources for us to further in our career. Knowledge is important but the relationships you build are crucial. Now, I’m spending my days transferring what I learned in my job here with Los Angeles Audubon and completing the duties as an EFTA intern.

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