Over the past few weeks, I have enjoyed observing the office dynamics in the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and in the Elkhorn Slough Reserve. The most prevalent characteristic I’ve observed is the willingness to help one another without hesitation. There is a genuine sense of camaraderie and it is easy to see how each individual’s successes are attributed to the way they lift up one another. Last week, I attended a meeting at the BLM Office where my observations were further solidified. The meeting was composed of check-ins and project updates, alongside many thank-yous to those who helped facilitate the path to completing a task successfully.

World Migratory Bird Day

This past weekend, we hosted World Migratory Bird Day at the Elkhorn Slough Reserve. Planning for this event involved communicating and collaborating with Ariel Hunter, the Elkhorn Slough Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator. We exchanged our vision of the event and helped one another in achieving it. I felt tremendously supported in my role and I am grateful to everyone in the office who contributed to this event.

Currently, I am planning a beach cleanup to support the fight against plastic pollution. Reaching out to local organizations and various stakeholders are the initial building blocks in organizing such an event. The guidance I am receiving from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Office has been essential due to their local knowledge and connections. Grasping the significance of collaborating, communicating, and supporting a co-worker has become clear during my short time in Monterey. In a career involving work with public lands and many stakeholders, teamwork and partnership are crucial for a fulfilling career.


When looking back in my life, I remember various figures that guided me along the way. I remember the teachers trying their best, the mentors giving so much, my parents supporting my dreams, my hosts in Monterey opening their home to me, and organizations providing opportunities for growth. I hope to learn from the people supporting my dreams and do the same for the people I encounter in my life personally and professionally.

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