When you think of main attractions, the most common images that might pop up are those of roller coasters or of some kind of circus attraction. Maybe it’s the tallest trapeze performance or the worlds only ride that can go from 0 to 60 miles and hour in under 30 seconds. Now while Yaquina Head doesn’t have those rides or performances, it does have an attraction that has been bringing people into the park in the early mornings, hoping to get just to get a peek in the beginning. A bird no less.

A pair of Peregrine Falcons have been nesting at Yaquina Head for the last several years, although that pair has changed over the years, they still return to nest in the same area year after year. It’s easy to understand why birders or bird enthusiasts might want to come in the early mornings or daily to check on the progress of the Falcons and the status of their eggs but you’d be surprised to find out about the high number of people that were amazed about being able to see the worlds fastest animal so up close. Albeit with the help of a scope. People may have come to visit the famous lighthouse but as soon as you offered them the chance to see not only falcons but their chicks as well, everything else seemed to become second thought.

. Though the majority of people that came to visit were English speakers, there were a handful of people that didn’t know or didn’t seem confident enough to talk to a stranger. Those were the cases where they would ask their kids to translate for them. Fortunately enough, there were cases where they spoke Spanish and I was able to include them in the conversation. It showed me that the first engagement with the public was English rather than starting off in Spanish where it would be more appropriate.

People come from all around the world to see the lighthouse and to dash a little fun attraction that they weren’t expecting, especially in a language that they are comfortable with, made it all worth wild. I mean, how can someone forget being asked if they want to see the worlds fastest animal on earth (with records going up to 242 mph) with their three chicks? Or how their species came so close to the brink of getting wiped out only to be the underdog that came through in the end and managed to thrive again. That’s what people remember in the end anyways. The stories that they are told not the bland facts and figures.

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