Environment for the Americas (EFTA) provides information and education materials about birds, bird conservation, and bird education from Canada to South America. Our programs inspire people of all ages to get outdoors, learn about birds, and take part in their conservation. Bird educators, festival organizers, and birders find opportunities to connect ideas, information, and activities close to home or across borders. Known for our signature program, International Migratory Bird Day, we also have programs that connect people year-round.

International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD), the signature program of EFTA, is the only international education program that highlights and celebrates the migration of nearly 350 species of migratory birds between nesting habitats in North America and non-breeding grounds in Latin America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Each year IMBD explores a different aspect of migratory birds and their conservation. The theme for IMBD 2013 will be the Life Cycles of Migratory Birds.   To learn more click here.

America’s Great Outdoors Initiative (AGO) Environment for the Americas is collaborate with U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management on Celebra las Playeras (Celebrate Shorebirds), a comprehensive approach to engaging Latinos in natural resource careers and conservation action through internships at five sites.   EFTA will recruit 8 Latino interns (ages 18-25) from colleges and local communities, especially youth who live near research sites to help create long-term relationships between agencies and nearby Latino communities, serve as role models, and increase awareness of conservation issues and careers in conservation.  One intern will serve as liaison to recruit other interns, promote education, and track participant field experience and a second will work with USFS NatureWatch to develop online program materials and encourage awareness and future participation.  The remaining interns will engage in field research, training, and data collection at sites in California, Colorado, and Alaska where monitoring shorebird populations is a priority. To learn more click here.

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