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Elkhorn Slough – Monterey, CA – Karina Garcia

Monterey Intern, Karina Garcia

Monterey Intern, Karina Garcia

College: University of California, Berkeley
Major: Molecular Environmental Biology
Project Site: Elkhorn Slough, Monterey, CA







I was born and raised in Salinas, CA. I am currently pursuing my Molecular Environmental Biology degree at UC Berkeley. I have helped with avian research in the past and am excited to study and help protect local bird species. I hope to someday obtain a graduate degree in environmental sciences.

My interest for entomology began with a spider biology course, and this interest quickly flourished into a passion and potential future career as a field entomologist.

My senior year in college I started to volunteer in a lab which combined my interest of entomology with research directed towards the conservation of birds in California vineyards. While my experience with ornithology is limited, I am excited to become familiar with local birds and to become involved with ongoing conservation efforts.

I look forward to outreaching to the local community about the nature that surrounds them and hopefully instilling some important ideals in the local youth. I am excited to interact and to build meaningful relationships with members of the community.

Interests: Entomology and reading.
Long-term goals: Graduate school.

LA Intern – Carlos Jauregui

Carlos - LA intern

Carlos – LA intern

College: Cal-State University Long Beach
Major: Biology- Zoology
Project Site: Los Angeles, CA









Hello, my name is Carlos Jauregui and I am from Los Angeles, California. I have always had an interest in biology and learning about nature. When I was younger, my family would all get together and spend time in the mountains. My cousins, brother, and I would get to explore and have an adventure trying to find things as we hiked. The memories and feelings I get when I am exploring the outdoors helped me decide to study zoology.

I had the opportunity to assist with a mark and recapture project involving California newts.  It was very exciting to go out and see how many newts we would catch in the stream and what we might find in the pitfall traps. The experience motivated me to keep pursuing my goal of doing research in the future. I also had a field biology class where we would have field trips to different locations and try to identify the different plants and animals we encountered. I was impressed by my professor’s ability to identify different species of birds by their call and that sparked my interest in bird watching.

I was also lucky enough to intern at the Audubon Center in Debs Park last summer. I would lead hikes and activities for children and teach them the importance of conservation and how everything is connected. I also got to meet many great middle school and high school students who would assist with the hikes and activities.  The experience has made me want to become an educator and work with teenagers in the future.

Interests: Bird-Watching, hiking, photography, and soccer.
Long Term Goals: Work as a field biologist doing research and become an educator.

LA Intern – Sally Garcia

Sally - LA intern

Sally – LA intern

School: California State University, Dominguez Hills
Major: Geography Minor: Earth Science
Project Site: Los Angeles, CA









I was born and raised in the big city of Los Angeles. I grew up in a tight knit Spanish speaking home with my Mexican/Salvadorian parents and two younger brothers. Being the oldest, I have always held a lot of the responsibilities in my home, which has helped me morph into the person I am today. My parents have always been my support system, they have encouraged me to pursue my dreams no matter how wild and out-there they might be. Ever since I was little my parents said I showed interest in anything dealing with environment and animal conservation. I was and still am their little flower child. I was never afraid to get my hands dirty just so I could find out what was hiding underneath the grass.

In high school I was part of the Global Warriors Eco Club in which we established our own recycling program and native plant and food garden. I was very proud of being part of this club because I knew it could change our campus for the better, no matter how small the change would be. After graduating high school I became an intern for L.A Audubon’s Kenneth Hann Education Program, in which we had 3rd and 6th grade students come to Kenneth Hann Park to learn more about the native plant garden and the surrounding areas in Los Angeles that have an impact on animals, birds and native plants alike. In addition, I have also participated in Snowy Plover bird counting surveys with L.A Audubon at Dockweiler Beach on various occasions. Currently, I am working for California State Parks at the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook as a park aide.

My current job and past internship have helped me realized that I want to pursue a career in which I can teach others the importance of environmental and wildlife conservancy as an environmental educator.  I would also love to be a park ranger for California State Parks or The National Park Service.

Interests: Hiking, cooking, running, yoga, camping, listening to new music, all different forms of art—especially photography and film.
Long-term goals: Environmental Educator or Park Ranger

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