Meet our Colorado interns, Anjelica and Portland!


Name: Anjelica Quintana
College: Adams State University
Major: Wildlife Biology, minor in Spanish
Project Site: Blanca Wetlands

Background: I was born and raised in Viejo San Acacio, a small farming town just a few miles west of San Luis, Colorado. I grew up in a culturally rich and Spanish speaking home and community. My younger siblings and I were raised by my single father, whom is not only a rancher, but also the science teacher at Centennial High School in San Luis. Our family’s ranch is our family’s main source of income, so the drought has greatly impacted our lives. I understood the importance of water to ranchers, but it was not until I had the opportunity of working with the Bureau of Land Management in La Jara, Colorado that I understood how critically important it was to government to have water as well.

I have had experience working with shorebirds for Jill Lucero and Sue Swift-Miller in the Blanca Wetlands. I highly respect the work that they do, and am honored to have had the opportunity working for them in the journey of making the Blanca Wetlands thrive with life. I am interested in the Shorebird Internship because I know how vitally important it is for us to protect our natural resources.While working with the Blanca Wetlands department of the Bureau of Land Management I was able to give presentations to, and work with, different youth crews from around the San Luis Valley. Being able to help the members of my community better understand the intensions and goals of the Bureau of Land Management was a great honor. I really enjoyed last summer even though the work was tough and stressful at times. Every day I returned home covered in mud, bug bites, and completely exhausted, but 100% proud of the work my crew and I accomplished. It takes hard work to make a place like the Blanca Wetlands continue to provide a safe place for shorebirds to rest or hatch their eggs. Snowy plovers are a perfect example of how extremely important the Blanca Wetlands are to the shore birds. It is an honor to be a part of an organization that does such amazing and important work.

Interests: My hobbies include weightlifting, hiking, camping, fishing, and being outdoors. I enjoy being involved in community activities and cultural events. I especially enjoy working with youth and helping them learn and understand new concepts.

Long-term Goals: My future career goals are being a part of helping to protect our natural resources and this position would help me get more of an understanding on how we can do this.

Anjelica working out in the field at Blanca Wetlands




Name: Portland Torres
College: Adams State University
Major: Wildlife Biology
Project Site: Blanca Wetlands

Background: Hello! I was born in Alamosa, Colorado and spent part of my childhood in the San Luis Valley.  Hunting, fishing, camping, and enjoying the great outdoors has been a really important part of my life. My family is also really important. My parents have always supported me and help me reach my goals. I have an older sister who is dear to me- she is one my best friends.

Interests: I love fishing, hunting, snowboarding, camping, and the outdoors in general.

Long Term Goals: I want to have a worry free life and enjoy everything life has to offer to the fullest!

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