Meet our new Intern, Carlos!




Name: Carlos Lerma
College: Northern Arizona University
Major: Biology, minor in Chemistry
Project Site: Boulder Headquarters


Hello! My name is Carlos Lerma, I am the new Intern at Environment for the America’s. I am stoked to be part of such a passionate, growing and resourceful organizaton full of wonderful individuals (you know who you are!). I am a Boulder, Colorado native that proudly exhibits the bumper sticker to prove it. I enjoying being outside as do most people I would think, I like hiking, climbing and on occasion swimming (when the water temperature is bearable). I am a competitive person and get a buzz from playing basketball or beating my friends at solving a math problem! I am a first generation Mexican American, with a big family that supports and loves each other. It is because of them that I was able to pursue secondary education and graduated from 4 year university.

I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Biology with a Chemistry minor from Northern Arizona University, an institution well known for its Forestry program, nestle in between the ponderosa pines of Flagstaff, AZ. Being a Boulderite, I have had the luxury of always being in contact with the outdoors, whether it be associated with school or on my own. I can confidently say that my early on outdoor experiences contributed to my love for plants and animals alike. However, it was only until my senior year of college when I began considering a career in conservation. I had always been slightly more interested in anatomy and physiology, going as far as working in a lab that focused on such aspects of science. My senior year began with a course on ecology, something that at the time wasn’t quite up my alley, but after a few weeks I began to understand crucial relationships between all organisms and how much impact each one has on their respective environment. This opened my eyes to the importance of conservation efforts and has guided my decision as to what I want to do with my life. If there’s anything I want in life, it’s to leave a positive impression on the conservation movement!

Interests: My hobbies include weightlifting, hiking, camping, reading and pretty soon birding. I enjoy working with adolescents and helping them learn and understand new concepts in science and math.

Long-term Goals: In the future, I would like to return to school and receive my PhD. in Biology, and have the opportunity to inspire young adults like my professors inspired me. I am hoping that this internship can help me narrow down the options as to what I want to specialize in.

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