Blanca Wetlands, CO intern – Mianna Maestas


Name: Mianna Maestas
College: Adam State University
Major: Agricultural Business
Project Site: Blanca Wetlands, Alamosa, CO


Hello there, my name is Mianna Maestas. I attend Adams State University in the tiny town of Alamosa where one could find the nesting of the western yellow fly catcher (an endangered species)! My major is Agricultural Business with a minor in wild life biology.

Although I may look like I am a “pretty” girl, I am most definitely not! I am a country girl at heart, love being in the mud and enjoying the great outdoors getting bit by bugs. Considering I am so outgoing, my interests span a wide spectrum. I love to spend time with my nieces, reading books and learning new things. I also love being out on the farm, snowmobiling, softball, camping, road trips, fishing, and most of all, just spending time with family. My biggest aspirations include educating young individuals, as well as expanding my own horizon in the world of learning. As a young girl I loved being out on the ranch with my family. As time as passed, I realized it is not only something I loved as a child, but now also see as my future career. Although I am not too sure about what field I want to approach, I am very clear that my career includes the background of biology, as well as a perspective of seeking a method to conserve our natural resources.

In the experience of my internship, my goal is to learn more about birds that surround the valley and be able to identify them. I would also like to become more familiar with their habitats and what it will take to assist them in maintaining a stable life in the San Luis Valley.

Interests: Softball, camping, road trips, fishing, family time
Long-term goals: I am very interested in becoming familiar in the field of biology to find a fitting job within the United States Department of Agriculture.

Blanca Wetlands, CO intern – Deisy Hernandez

Deisy, ready to start with EFTA!

Deisy, ready to start with EFTA!

Name – Deisy Hernandez Lujan
College – New Mexico Highlands University
Major – B.S. Biology and B.A. Chemistry


My name is Deisy Hernandez. I was born in Chihuahua, Mexico but raised in Denver, Colorado. My interest in science began when I was only in elementary school. I was so fascinated by science that I was given my first microscope when I was only 10 years old. Although it had a very low magnification level, that microscope led to an even greater love for biology. When I was accepted into New Mexico Highlands University I knew I would major in either Biology or Chemistry. Since I couldn’t decide between the two I decided to major in both.

In my opinion, Highlands University is one of the best schools to go to for any biologist interested in environmental issues. My professors and peers opened my eyes to the harm that humans are causing our precious environment and the animals that inhabit it. In order to educate more people about our environment, we began the Conservation Club. I was so involved in the club, I was nominated the Vice President. Through the club, we where able to educate our community, our students, and the younger generation about sustainable practices, the importance of recycling, why fracking should be banned in New Mexico, the importance of a Wild Life Refuge for migratory birds, and about the beauty that surrounds our world.

Interests – Ecology, drawing, Buddhism, salsa dancing, environmental issues, and listening to music.
Long-term goals – My long-term goal is to become a pediatrician.


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