Two interns will be hired for this position.

The year 2016 marks the centennial of the first Migratory Bird Treaty, the cornerstone of our efforts to conserve birds that migrate across the U.S. and neighboring countries. A total of four Migratory Bird Treaties have been signed since then and they have collectively facilitated a long, successful history of conserving, protecting and managing migratory bird populations and their habitats in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan and Russia. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Regions 1, 7, and 8 are planning on celebrating the centennial by featuring the trials and tribulations that migrating birds endure on their yearly journey and fostering a closer connection between birds and people within the Pacific Flyway. This project fulfills the Service’s goals to increase awareness and support and expand opportunities for engagement in urban communities, towns, and cities along the Pacific Flyway. Two interns will travel the Pacific Flyway, mimicking the migratory pattern of birds during the spring season. The interns will start in San Diego and travel northward, ending in Alaska, from March through the end of May 2016. Along the way the interns will document their journey as a one-of-a-kind epic road-trip using video and written blogs collecting stories and sharing on social media in real-time and with local media. The interns will stop at National Wildlife Refuges and other bird hot spots as well as Urban Bird Treaty Cities and other urban areas. They will explore with city residents to probe about what it means to be an Urban Bird Treaty City and what benefits that designation brings to people and wildlife. They will also engage wildlife experts to find out the latest research being conducted on birds or an extraordinary fact that ornithologist’s have learned. Additionally, the interns will interview everyday people, where they work and play, to gather stories about how they feel about birds and what they know about migratory birds and their conservation. Local partners will help create a buzz and awareness of bird species migrating through the area prior to the interns arriving.

Internship Responsibilities: Participate in outreach and education activities involving physical tasks such as walking and standing all day and working outdoors. – Assist in the development and implementation of outreach programs engaging communities in order to promote bird conservation. – Promote educational programs with local and national English media. – Assist educator-led field trips for K-12 grades. – Assist with various bird festivals and International Migratory Bird Day activities. – May make public presentations to promote migratory bird conservation messages.

Qualifications: (Should we have an education requirement?) – Strong written and verbal communication skills – Flexible and energetic – Social media savvy, creative and insightful with content – Possess an ability to engage users and followers

– Dynamic presentation and teaching skills, including the ability to engage diverse audiences

-Demonstrated interpersonal, organizational, and leadership skills

– Ability to prioritize time, prioritize tasks, and balance work effectively

– Knowledge of, and enthusiasm for, birds of the Pacific Flyway.