Environment for the Americas is excited to be a part of the Migratory Shorebird Project for a second year. This year we have eight interns conducting 10 week long migratory shorebird surveys in: the Copper River Delta, Alaska; Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, Oregon; Monterey Bay, California; Ballona Creek, California; and in the San Luis Valley of Colorado. This large scale international research project is gathering critical data along the Pacific Flyway from Alaska to Peru.

Project Goals:
1. Find out where shorebirds go in the non-breeding season (fall and winter), how many there are and how that changes through time.
2.Evaluate which factors (e.g. development, contaminants, climate change) are influencing shorebird populations the most.
3. Make science-based recommendations and take action to conserve and protect shorebirds and wetlands at the flyway to the site level, based on the information collected, compiled and analyzed from our shorebird population monitoring and research.

The Migratory Shorebird Project is led by Point Blue Conservation Science in collaboration with many other organizations and citizen scientists from across the Americas. For more information on the Migratory Shorebird Project please visit: http://www.migratoryshorebirdproject.org.

Stephanie Loredo conducting surveys in Oregon.

Stephanie Loredo conducting surveys in Oregon.

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