San Diego National Wildlife Refuge Complex

3Internship work will focus on migratory and nesting bird projects, citizen science and public outreach; however, you will be provided with opportunities to experience other wildlife conservation jobs during the internship. You will assist in a variety of shorebird surveys as well as participate in other wildlife-related fieldwork. The intern will develop and deliver bilingual (English/Spanish) public presentations, work onsite with educators as part of the refuge’s environmental education and interpretative programs, develop and implement an outreach program for local Spanish-speaking communities and visitors, and help with International Migratory Bird Day.

Knowledge of bird conservation not needed, but a willingness to learn is required and an enthusiasm for interacting with the public and children is encouraged. You will receive all necessary professional training and will gain real-life job experience working alongside our wildlife staff and environmental education specialists. This is a great opportunity for career shadowing and hands-on experience in the fields of wildlife biology and environmental education.

Wildlife fieldwork in San Diego will be conducted in situations where you will be exposed to the elements (sun, wind and possibly rain). This work is rewarding but is also physically challenging as many key wetland field sites require walking and hiking to access. Intern should be in good shape and able to hike, stand and work outdoors for long hours. It will be the adventure of a lifetime!